Joovy Spoon Baby Walker Detailed Review – 2022

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Standing is one of the important stages of a child’s development process. Normally a baby starts crowing at 6 to 8 months and tries to stand or walk at 13 to 18 months. As it is a critical period to take care of them because Doctors suggest putting more pressure on their legs may result in weaker joints and later they can develop problems. Pediatricians suggest new parents use Walkers as it helps their baby to stand and walk with the least effort. 

There is various type of Walkers available in the market but either they are too expensive or they are of cheap quality. In both cases, it’s your loss. Walkers are mostly made of Plastic material and low-quality plastic can do more harm than you think. Low-quality Plastic has PVC which contains germs as toddlers chew most of the toys, so Walker will also be one of their targets. Other Walkers with so-called good quality are so expensive that you will get 3 or even 4 baby products at the same cost. 

Joovy is one of the oldest manufacturers of walkers and baby products with more than 5 million happy customers and reachable in more than 50 countries around the world. 

Today we bring a review of one of the most sold products i.e. Jovvy Spoon Walker, it is probably the most demanding product of theirs of all time. 

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Specifications of Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Dimensions(Assembled)18″ (H) x 25 1/2″ (W) x 27 3/4″ (D)
Dimensions (Folded) 9″ (H) by 25 1/2″ (W) x 27 3/4″ (D) 
Maximum Weight Capacity30lbs
AccessoriesExtra Large Tray
ColorsRed, Green, Purple, Charcoal, Blueberry, Blue.
BatteriesNot Required
Target GenderUnisex
Country of OrigenChina
Warranty Yes

Safety of Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

The Joovy Spoon Baby Walker contains 75% plastic with U – a shaped design which makes it look attractive. 25% of the frame is made of Steel which helps balance the weight of the baby from all sides. Apart from this, plastic is free from all kinds of hazardous materials such as BPA, PVC, flame-retardant, and Phthalate. The Joovy Spoon Walker will keep your toddler safely in its pocket as they eat, play, or learn to walk in their new favorite hangout. The oval-shaped plastic body is large enough to keep them safe as they may hit anything while walking in it. 

The curved wheel suspension is truly an amazing and smart design. At the bottom, you get the curved wheel suspension both in front and at the back. So when the wheels are not on the floor or get in the air for example near a staircase, the Walker will not move ahead and the same suspension is provided at the back even if the baby is walking backward the same will happen to result in an immediate stop. 

The comfortable seat is made of fine quality cloth which is safe for your baby’s skin. 

Why is Joovy Walker For Babies so good?

🔸Easy to Use:

  • This is ready-to-use a product with minimal types of equipment, you will have to assemble it at once and it gets folded when not in use. 
  • It is super easy to assemble and lightweight making it easier to carry. It’s adjustable for multiple stages, compact, and clean-looking. 
  • The plastic tray is removable and very easy to clean. 
  • To install the seat you need to hold it from the strap side and not the nob side at the back of the seat you have 5 straps. 
  • At first, you have to start with the center strap, hold the buckle and align. Exactly under the sticker ‘Spoon’ when you have aligned it, just pull the strap and bring the buckle in. 
  • After the center buckle is tightened you can easily put others like the one on the right and left. 
  • After the straps, you will put nobs in the front hole and push down,  all nobs one by one. 

Finally, the Walker is ready to use. 


This Joovy Walker is comfortable both while sitting and standing. As per the baby’s choice you can adjust Walker’s height i.e. for sitting you have to make it two folds and at this position, the baby will relax and sit in a comfortable position, they can even play on the table with toys. 

The one-fold will allow the baby to hang on the Walker this position is a perfect position for Walker use, the baby’s feet will be partly in the air and this way they will learn to walk. 

Joovy Walker has a comfortable and washable seat cover, you can wash it even by machine, and looks new after every wash.

🔸Overall Development: 

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker review Clicked By Angel Baby Hub.

This Walker not only helps your baby to walk but plays an important role in brain development. For instance, if a baby is on a Walker and moving at a good speed and suddenly finds any obstacle like a wall or door in front of them the baby tries to change direction these small self-made decisions help the baby develop faster and stronger.

Research has shown babies that who uses walkers tend to develop faster in crawling, standing, and walking than babies who do not use Walker. 

While on a Walker babies discover a new area of your house and this will make them think creatively. 

The large tray will help them keep toys and this will also help in stretching their arms and hands. 

When Walker’s seat is used for sitting helps improve the baby’s posture, and strengthens the baby’s spinal and lower back.


An interesting feature that makes Joovy Walker unique is that it comes with breaks in the rear wheels. We think for both baby and their parents, as moms need to work and look after their babies be it making breakfast or getting ready for the day these breaks are Solely made for parents to make their job easy you need to pull down the breaks put on rear wheels and the Walker will freeze in one place thus ensuring your baby’s safety. 

🔸 Worth Every Panny: 

This is an amazing product at this cost. The high-quality material makes it completely worth it. You might not find any alternative to this Joovy Walker, the extra wide space that can be used for countless things is like a cherry on the cake. 

That wheels are made of double plastic and move in all directions making it easier for the baby to play around. 

The Walker moves best on floor tiles and wooden floors. The wheels are designed in such a way it leaves no scratch on the floors. Please avoid using Walker on carpets. 

 Moreover, changing seats help you redesign which gives a new look. The bumper guard at the bottom of the Walker is placed before the wheels which clears the way for the baby making sure that they do not step on any toy. 

Joovy spoon Baby walker height adjustments:

Joovy Spoon Walker allows you to adjust the height at three different levels. The resting area can be used as a seat when the baby is sitting and his foot is flat on the ground while the knees are bending. However, the same seat will work as a Walker when they are standing and their toes are partly on the ground this can be done by increasing the height of the walker. Height adjustments make it easy to fold and carry on any trip. 

How to adjust Joovy spoon walker:

Adjusting Joovy Walker is an easy task, as it has 3 different folds, with a button-like tool at the side so it grows as your baby grows. 

You can increase the height when the baby is moving so they can walk or run. When it’s time for their snacks the height can be decreased resulting in the Walker changing to a chair. 

Last but not least it will be folded like a short pillow. This will make it easy to store. 

Joovy Spoon Baby walker seat replacement.

The seat can be easily removed for washing or even replacement. This will give you a completely new look to your Walker, even if are looking for a change you have to simply gently pull it from the downside, once you have done it a few times, it becomes easier. 

Joovy Baby Walker Weight Limit 

Walkers are for young toddlers therefore they are made of soft material which can not bare much weight but Joovy has a weight capacity of about 30 lbs. The normal weight of a baby varies from 22-28 lbs between the age of 9 and 15 months.

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker Age

Babies need Walkers up to a certain age and that age varies from one another. Normally, any toddler is aged between 10 to 18 months. Joovy Walker can be best for babies aged 9 months and will help them strengthen their legs as well as their overall body. Its adjustments help you to increase the height when your baby grows old. It can be best for babies aged 12 to 20 months. 

Does the Joovy Spoon have breaks?

Yes, Joovy Spoon Walker is a complete product as it has broken in rear wheels, which makes it stand still. As a parent, you do not have to look after the toddler every time, when your baby follows you everywhere and you want them to stay in one place then the joovy baby walker gives the best option for breaks.

Pros of the Joovy walker

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🔸Durable and Comfortable: 

When it comes to baby products we usually spend more money to get the best quality products, and we sometimes end up getting useless things at a high cost. But this Walker is a single-time investment that lasts for more than 5 years. Who knows we might need them again if God blesses you with another pack of happiness. Joovy Walker comes with a warranty of up 2 years. Comfort is the top priority Joovy makers kept in mind while designing this Walker, it is a complete place where your baby can play, eat or work at the same time. The seat is super comfortable and is made up of good material. You can adjust as per your needs. 

🔸Extra Tray: 

This Walker comes with an extra tray that fits on its desk which can be used for multitasking, for instance, you can use it for keeping toys, meals, and other eatables. The try is transparent in type and washable. 

You can even remove the tray whenever you wish and the baby and also take a nap on the tray when they feel tired. 

🔸Easy Assemble:

 This Simple Walker takes 3 to 4 minutes to assemble. You just need to snap on the front wheel, drive out the seat and it is ready for your baby to use. Apart from assembling it gets folded easily by flat for transportation or storage. 

🔸 Premium Quality: 

The plastic used in Joovy Walker is PVC free which means it is non-toxic so your baby is in safe hands even if they are on a Walker. The steel frame is of high quality and tested before being used. The Plastic used in Joovy Walker is Phthalate-free, in case your baby tries to chew the plastic it does not harm you. 

Cons Of the Joovy Walker For Infants

Although the Walker has 4.7 ratings out of 5 on almost all e-commerce websites there are a few cons of this Walker.

Seat: As Walker’s seat is made of cotton-like material filled with form, needs a regular wash. If not done on regular bases can sometimes give a foul smell or can result in infections. 

Should you go With Joovy Baby Walker?

Yes, well this Walker has multiple features which make it completely worth purchasing its wheels are wide and easy to move. Joovy has created a wide range of walkers, which have countless features that even look more attractive. Few Joovy walkers have Hand bars where babies can hold them and learn to walk. 

But why go for this Joovy Spoon Walker? 

Because babies get bored easily and the same frame or toys may not attract them but the large tray which the spoon has is best to place any toy or their belongings on. 

Although the wheels are not designed for Carpet floors. The rear wheels have breaks that become handy for parents. 

The large tray is an advantage for the baby as they got to do a lot of things for example eating, and playing, and this wide space can be used for sleeping also. The tray is washable and removable you can detach it when not in use. 

This Joovy Walker will be delivered to any part of the world except Canada. 

The frame is well-designed, if you look at the frame and its design you will find that the bottom of the Walker is wider than the top i.e because in case the baby hit the wall and he has his fingers on the edges so the bottom will hit first creating a space between the top and the object. Joovy has used steel of premium quality that can be easily adjusted. The plastic is non-toxic and the Walker is JPMA Certified.

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